Department of Anesthesiology:


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2017-11-14 Pacemakers: Intra-op complications Raleigh Anderson
2017-11-14 CVC Infection: CDC Guidelines Justin Merkow
2017-09-12 Caudal Anesthesia: Indications & Toxicity Antasia Giebler
2017-09-11 Laryngospasm Diagnosis and Management Dan Sehrt
2017-08-29 Transspenoidal Surgery: DI Treatment Brian Duggar
2017-08-29 Context Sensitive half-time: Opioids Sam Wallum
2017-08-15 Substance abuse: Treatment Greg Schmitz
2017-08-14 Chloroprocaine vs lidocaine Joe Morabito
2017-06-29 Pacemakers: Intra-op Complications Brennan McGill
2017-06-29 Anesthesia Machine: Pressure Regulation Vladimir Krepostin
2017-06-08 Fluid Therapy: Traumatic Brain Injury Andrew Gruel
2017-06-08 Chi-squared Test: Application Ben Lippert
2017-05-25 Ankle Block Meagan Gold
2017-05-25 Heat loss prevention Dan Sehrt
2017-05-18 Fontan/Single ventricle physiology Ben Abrams
2017-04-27 Intra-art Systolic BP Ampification: Factors affecting Ben Reynolds
2017-04-27 Intrapleural Catheters: Indications and placement Steven Antonovich
2017-04-20 Lateral femoral cutaneous nerve block Matt Lyman
2017-04-20 Sepsis classification Steven Bourland
2017-04-13 Magnesium: effects on neuromuscular blockers Lyndsey Graber
2017-04-13 Additives for prolongation of spinal anesthesia Andrew Gruel
2017-03-30 Pharmacokinetis dynamics of Diazepam and Lorazepam Paul Scott
2017-03-30 Piriforms Syndrome Alex Behm
2017-02-23 Apfel PONV criteria Nick Schiavoni
2017-02-23 Opiods and QT interval Leah Webb
2016-12-08 Beta 1 Receptor Upregulation: Causes and Effects Jake Loyd
2016-12-08 Office Based Anesthesia: Regulatory Requirements Daniel Sehrt
2016-12-01 Magnesium Toxicity Alex Behm
2016-12-01 Omphalocele vs Gastroschisis Antasia Giebler
2016-11-10 Nerve Anatomy Popliteal Fossa Paul Scott
2016-11-10 Isobaric Spinal Anesthesia: Factors influencing block spread Steven Antonovich
2016-11-03 Repeated Measures ANalysis of Variance (ANOVA): Appropriate Uses Kristina Coger
2016-11-03 Coronary Artery Spasm: Drug Treatment Josh Douin
2016-10-20 ECT: Physiologic Effects Kristin Barney
2016-10-20 AV and Sinus Nodes: Blood Supply and R vs L Coronary Artery Dominance Shannon Simon
2016-10-13 CPB: Gas Embolism Julius Ngaile
2016-10-13 ECG effects of hyperkalemia and hypokalemia Nick Schiavoni
2016-10-06 TURP: Irrigating fluid complications Kenton Howard
2016-09-15 Morbid Obesity: Hypoxia Physiology and Lung Volume Effects Leah Webb
2016-09-15 Anticoagulant Effects on PT and PIT Ben Reynolds
2016-09-08 TOF: Cause of Fade Shaina Richardson
2016-09-08 Labetalol Pharmacokinetics Alex Behm
2016-09-01 Substance Abuse Treatment Ben Lippert
2016-09-01 Nicotine: Anesthetic Implications Greg Schmitz
2016-08-18 Aging: Cardiovascular Physiology Cara Crouch
2016-08-18 Tumescent Anesthesia: Complications Lyndsey Graber
2016-06-30 Opioids: First Pass Lung Uptake Brian Duggar
2016-06-30 T-test Indications Nathan Lamborn
2016-06-16 Nondepolarizing NMB Synergism Kristina Coger
2016-06-16 Lateral Femoral Cutaneous Nerve Block Alex Behm
2016-06-02 ABG Measurement: Temperature effects Erin Zurflu
2016-06-02 Testing fro Butyrylcholinesterase Deficiency Scott Vogel
2016-05-05 Optic Neuropathy Risk Factors Melvina Cheung
2016-05-05 Femoral Nerve Block: Nerve stimulator use/responses Terry Easton
2016-04-21 ACE Inhibitors: Mechanism of Action Justin Schulte
2016-04-21 Oliguria: Diagnosis and Prognostic implications Erin Zurflu
2016-04-14 Indications for Biventricular Pacing Corey Tingley
2016-04-14 Metabolism of Benzodiazepines Tyler Morrissey
2016-03-31 LMWH Mechanism and Pharmacokinetics Melvina Cheung
2016-03-24 TEF: Types amd Associated Anomalies Peter Ritchie
2016-03-24 Persistent Fetal Circulation Colby Simmons
2016-03-17 P450 Mechanism and Clinical Importance Nathan Lamborn
2016-03-17 Opioids: Renal Failure Slade Bigelow
2016-02-25 Dose-Dependent Effects of Dopamine Greg Schmitz
2016-02-25 Neuromuscular Blocker Synergy Alex Behm
2016-02-11 Intercostobrachial Nerve Block Antasia Giebler
2016-02-11 Mallampati Test, Sensitivity and Specificity Justin Merkow
2016-02-09 Burnout Satisfaction Alison Brainard
2016-01-21 Tramadol Pharmacology Aaron Persinger
2016-01-21 Bland-Altman Analysis for Comparing Measurement Techniques Sam Wallum
2016-01-14 Hypercapneic/Hyposemic Respiratory Responses Shaina Richardson
2016-01-14 Central Venous Catheter Tip Positioning Josh Douin
2016-01-07 Hypothermia and Shivering with Spinal/Epidural Terry Easton
2016-01-07 Nitrous Oxide and Closed Spaces Brian Duggar
2015-12-03 Thyromental Distance as a predictor of difficult mask vent or intubation Nick Stringer
2015-12-03 Transducer performance Slade Bigelow
2015-11-19 Insulin Deficiency Physiologic Effects Joe Morabito
2015-11-05 Botulinum Toxin Mechanism of Action Laura Kirk
2015-10-22 Factors Affecting PvO2 Nathan Lamborn
2015-10-22 Antibiotic Allergy: Diagnosis and Cross Reactivity Lauren McLaughlin
2015-10-19 Airway and Local Anesthesia Matthew Clary
2015-10-15 PCA: Advantages and Complications Samuel Wallum
2015-10-08 Abdominal Compartment Syndrome Jennifer Hong
2015-10-08 Myasthenia Gravis Post-op Ventilation Corey Tingey
2015-09-10 Status Post Heart Transplant: Autonomic/Anesthetic Implications Colby Simmons
2015-09-10 Epidural Anesthesia: Respiratory Effects (local anesthetics, not opioids) Mario Villasenor
2015-09-03 ALS: Anesthetic Implications Shaina Richardson
2015-08-27 Anesthesia for ECT: Lidocaine Effect Ben Abrams
2015-08-27 Obesity: Neuromuscular Blocker Dosing Lyndsey Graber
2015-08-20 Alpha Blockers: Selectivity Jillian Vitter
2015-08-20 Hypokalemic and Hyperkalemic Zach Hesse
2015-08-13 Hetastarch: Side Effects Jennifer Wu
2015-08-13 Aging-Nervous System Changes Ben Lippert
2015-06-25 ACCA AHA 2014 Guide Gravlee, Glen
2015-06-18 Carcinoid Syndrome Tim Casias
2015-06-11 Post-Op Cardiac: Event Risk Factors Brian Johnson
2015-06-11 Laparoscopy: CV Effects Laura Coats
2015-05-28 Alveolor Gas Equation: Altitude Emily McQuaid Hanson
2015-05-28 Mediastinal Mass: CXR Matt Wyatt
2015-05-14 TEE: Aortic Valve Grant Armour
2015-04-30 Hypocarbia: Electrolyte Effects Dr. Lyndsay Graber
2015-04-30 Ultrasound Probe Frequency Significance Neil Mehta
2015-04-16 Adrenal Suppression Ben Reynolds
2015-04-16 Spinal Microcatheters Neena Gupta
2015-04-09 Dalton's Law Alex Behm
2015-04-09 Rebleed after Cerebral Aneurysm Chloe Hughes
2015-03-19 Use of Heliox Ben Lippert
2015-03-19 Retained Epidural Catheter Mario Villasenor
2015-03-05 Dx/Rx of Pulmonary Aspiration Carolyn Mohr
2015-03-05 Diagnosis of Brain Death Lauren McLaughlin
2015-02-19 Assessment of Liver Disease Severity Ben Snyder
2015-02-19 Neuromuscular Blockade Use in the ICU Shannon Simon
2015-02-05 Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Ross Hanson
2015-02-05 Intrapulmonary Shunt Calculation Sarah Killeen
2015-01-22 Hyperparathyroidism and Anesthetic Implications Kristins Coger
2015-01-22 Tetanus: Pathophysiology and Management Emily McQuaid-Hanson
2015-01-08 CVP Waveforms Michael Kim
2015-01-08 Mannitol Effects Tam Nguyen
2014-11-20 Neurolept Malignant Syndrome Ben Reynolds
2014-11-20 One Lung Ventilation Management Carolyn Mohr
2014-11-13 Myotonic Dystrophy: Anesthetic Management Laura Coats
2014-11-13 Hyponatremia: CNS effects and Acute Treatment Nathaniel Brown
2014-10-30 OR Costs: Labor VS. Materials Colby Simmons
2014-10-30 Peripheral Compartment Syndrome Diagnosis Neil Mehta
2014-10-16 Thyroid Surgery: Recurrent Laryngeal Nerve Monitoring Jillian Vitter
2014-10-16 Perioperative Do Not Resuscitate Management Brian Johnson
2014-08-20 TEE Mario Villasenor
2014-08-07 Oculocardiac Reflex: Anatomy and Implications Dr. Ben Lippert
2014-08-07 L-Spine: Radiologic Anatomy Dr. Sarah Milliken
2014-07-16 Anesthesia
2014-01-06 WhatNewInSepsis Dr. Pierre Moine
2013-12-16 Recent OB Anesthesia Publications and Impact on Anesthesia Care Joy L. Hawkins
2013-12-16 Current Controversies in Obstetric Anesthesia Joy L. Hawkins
2013-12-02 Healthcare Finance Econ 101 : How Physicians Fit In Brian Davidson
2013-10-23 Etomodate 101 MG Lemley
2013-10-01 Shock Vasopressors Sepsis Dr. Fareed Azam
2013-09-19 Sciatic Nerve Block Michael Kim
2013-09-13 Ondansetron Side Effects Matt Rowan
2013-09-12 Bilateral Carotid Endarterctomy Zach Bryan
2013-09-12 Carotid Endarterectomy Monitoring Gina Haeussner
2013-08-29 Phase IIDepolarizing Neuromuscular Blockers Brian Johnson
2013-08-29 CO2 Dissociation Curve Anne Rustemeyer
2013-08-15 Lithium Perioperative Implications Meghan Furlong
2013-08-15 IV anesthetics - pain on injection Sukhbir Walha
2013-08-06 Informed Consent Dr. Mandell
2013-07-11 Neuraxial Blocks Dr. Wood
2013-07-10 Cardiovascular Monitoring Dr. Seres
2013-06-20 National Practitioner Data Bank Ben Snyder
2013-06-20 Chronic Barbiturate Use Ross Hanson
2013-05-25 Cerebral vasospasm Allison Losey
2013-05-23 Cerebral Aneurysm James Thomas
2013-05-09 FFP Indications Contraindications Matt Victor
2013-04-18 Argenine Vasopressin and Sepsis Grant Armour
2013-04-18 pulmonary embolism ITE Tony Oliva
2013-04-04 chi Square Test Carolyn Mohr
2013-04-04 Compliance Calculation Joe Peetz
2013-03-28 Central vs Obstructive Sleep Apnea Carrie Stair
2013-03-28 Haldane Effect Mario Villasenor
2013-03-21 Nitrous Oxide2_toxicities Tim Casias
2013-03-21 Poiseulles Law and IV Fluids David Dragoo
2013-02-14 Norepinephrine CV Effects Jess Yanosik
2013-02-14 Cerebral Autoregulation Brian Johnson
2013-02-07 Atelectasis During Anesthesia Etiology Neena Gupta
2013-02-07 FENa Use and Interpretation Andrew Sullivan
2013-01-31 Factors Affecting Vaporizer Output Mario Villasenor
2013-01-31 Phenytoin Mechanism of Action and Anesthetic Interactions Marshall Stafford
2013-01-03 LMWH and fondaparinux David Abts
2012-12-27 Rheumatoid Arthritis Ben Snyder
2012-12-06 Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Carolyn Mohr
2012-12-06 Duchenne and Cardiac implications David Dragoo
2012-11-15 CO2 Absorbents and Indicators Jess Yanosik
2012-11-01 Nondepolarizing Neuromuscular Blocker Sukhbir Walha
2012-11-01 Succinylcholine Twitch-TOF Monitoring Tim Casias
2012-10-25 LMA Contraindications Mike Kim
2012-10-04 Oxygen Supply Pressure and O2 Falure Hospitas vs. Tank Ross Hanson
2012-10-04 Inspired-Expired oxygen monitoring Marshall Stafford
2012-09-20 diabetes_insipidus Allison Losey
2012-09-20 Local Anesthetic Placental Transfer Neil Mehta
2012-09-06 vonWillebrandDisease Zach Bryan
2012-09-06 Pulmonary Embolism Dx(including ABGs) Sarah Killeen
2012-08-23 Geriatrics- muscle relaxant Sarena Teng
2012-08-23 Anterior Cerebral Artery Stroke Effects Jen Appelman
2012-08-16 Transfusion Reactions Joe Peetz
2012-08-16 Transfusion Reactions_ Bacterial Sepsis Natalie Hamilton
2012-08-02 Laryngeal Innervation Claudia Clavijo
2012-08-02 CO2 Response Curve -Factors Affecting Sarah Milliken
2012-06-21 AICD Malfunction Causes Natalie Hamilton
2012-06-21 Complete Heart Block Treatment Amanda Wallace
2012-06-14 Perioperative MI Risk Factors Joe Peetz
2012-06-14 Carcinoid Syndrome Gina Haeussner
2012-05-31 Sub-Atmospheric Pressure Alarm Allison Losey
2012-05-31 Definitions Sensitivity and Specificity Jonathan Mayles
2012-05-24 Doppler Shift and Angle of Incidence Sukhbir Walha
2012-05-24 Constrictive pericarditis Heidi Green
2012-05-10 Femoral Nerve Block Anatomy Angelo Dilullo
2012-05-10 Apgar Scores Meghan Furlong
2012-04-19 Dabigatran and Rivaroxaban Anne Rustemeyer
2012-04-19 Intra-Arterial Systolic Blood Pressure Measurement Joe Peetz
2012-04-12 Alveolar Gas Equation and Clinical Implications Claudia Clavijo
2012-04-10 NMBs ED95 presentation Matt Uhlenkott
2012-04-05 Hyperkalemic Periodic Paralysis in Anesthesia Kit Berger
2012-04-05 cerebral vasospasm Allison Losey
2012-03-22 Anesthesia for Microlaryngeal Surgery-Endotracheal Intubation Management Jen Appelman
2012-03-22 Anesthesia for Microlaryngeal Surgery - Management of Jet Ventilation Sarah Milliken
2012-03-15 Autonomic Hyperreflexia Kevin Arnold
2012-03-02 NMBs ED95 presentation Matt Uhlenkott
2012-02-23 Inhalational Anesthetics Zach Bryan
2012-02-23 Neostigmine maximum dose rationale Gina Haeussner
2012-02-02 Pediatric Sleep Apnea risk Factors Olivia Romano
2012-02-02 Myasthenia Gravis Natalie Hamilton
2012-01-26 Epidural Local Anesthetics and Opioids Matthew Victor
2012-01-12 ascites Tony Olivia
2012-01-12 TEG Decreased MA DDx-Rx Anne Rustemeyer
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